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Lighting Solutions

The potential of your home’s lighting goes far beyond helping you see. It transforms your environment to enhance your mood and energize your mornings. It helps you relax at night and aids in securing your home while you’re away. With the right lighting design and intuitive control system, you’ll enjoy an equal balance of functionality and elegance in any space throughout your home.

We work with leading manufacturers of lighting fixtures and controls to deliver the most comprehensive lighting design and shading solutions for homes across the Cape and Islands. Smart lighting control instantly transforms your environment to complement your day-to-night activities and enables you to experience the benefits of enhanced comfort, productivity and security.

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LivRmLoft Dim Hi

Lighting Design

An ALA (American Lighting Association) lighting specialist will assist you with a proper lighting design to enhance the elegance and utility of your interior landscape through a layered lighting plan. The combined use of ambient, accent, decorative and task lighting requires a skilled approach to blend lighting levels to create the desired atmosphere and provide a welcoming environment. One lighting type may be more prominent depending on the use of the room.

The use of HCL (human centric lighting) in biophilic design synchronizes interior lighting with the human circadian rhythm to provide for healthier living, better sleep and increased productivity. By minimizing the color temperature of the sun throughout the day inside your home, your body can naturally respond rather than being stuck at 7:00 a.m. throughout the entire day, as is typical with the use of the common 2700K lightbulb.

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Fixture Specification

Not all fixtures are created equally. In fact, many of the new LED fixtures vary in light quality and dim range with either no low-end dimmer or exhibit flicker. Additionally, compatibility with fixture housing and light engine (sorry, but no more bulbs) are critically important for longevity and performance. Each fixture works as part of the overall plan.

Placement, quantity, beam angle, color temperature, CRI (quality of light) and intensity (lumens) all need to be considered for an effective design. A room with high sloped ceilings and medium-to-dark colored walls will need an adjustable fixture with a higher light output than a room with a flat 9-foot ceiling and lighter colored walls. Art (paintings and sculptures) require a higher CRI with possibly a smaller aperture and narrower beam angle than a typical recessed downlight.

Image Credit: Meljac Classique Collection (with Visible Screws, Straight Edge, & Brushed Nickel Finish)
Image Credit: Crestron Touchscreen
Image Credit: Crestron Cameo Keypad

Lighting Control

From single-room to whole-home solutions, lighting control is personalized and effortless. Recall your favorite lighting settings from a master keypad, remote, smartphone, or by voice command to adjust individual fixtures or entire rooms to your liking.

Schedule your lighting to adjust on its own throughout the day and night so you can focus on the activity at hand, and even control the lights inside and outside your home while you’re away to trick potential intruders into thinking someone is home.

Hartmann&Forbes Drapery (LE1200 in Haven Canera)

Hartmann&Forbes Drapery (LE1200 in Haven Canera)

Hartmann&Forbes Rollershades (PE605-60 Tranquility Fabric in Cool Grey)

Hartmann&Forbes Rollershades (PE605-60 Tranquility Fabric in Cool Grey)

Hartmann&Forbes Roman Shade (LE2781 Rhythm Notes with Bamboo Cornice)

Hartmann&Forbes Roman Shade (LE2781 Rhythm Notes with Bamboo Cornice)

Motorized Drapery/Shades

Complement your lighting with beautiful motorized shades and drapery that offer added comfort, safety, and energy efficiency to your lifestyle. Coupled with innovative technology for effortless control, motorized window treatments transform your home to create the perfect amount of light at any time of day or evening.

Blackout shades for sleeping, light-blocking shades for glare and thermal gain during the day and sheer drapery or shades for privacy. Drapery and shade styles can vary to complement your interior decor, which is further enhanced by a variety of grass-weave and natural fiber fabrics or an assortment of recycled materials.


Transparent fabrics transmit light so that objects or images are seen through the weave of the fabric. These have an openness factor between 3-17%.

Benefits: Solar protection, natural light and glare control, and reduced solar heat gain.


Translucent fabrics transmit diffused light and enhance privacy. The exterior view is only partially visible as silhouettes and shadows. These fabrics typically have an openness factor between 1-3%.

Benefits: Solar protection, privacy, enhanced natural light filtration, and reduced solar heat gain.


Blackout fabrics provide advanced light blockage and privacy. Use additional accessories to create a complete blackout solution and prevent light leak between the fabric and the jamb, and the hem bar and the sill.

Benefits: Ultimate light and glare control, complete privacy, and a dramatic reduction in solar heat gain.